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god it's like going back to your elementary school
everything is the same but different

anyway this is a real person with real interests
mostly about comics

How am I doing with LSP? Succeeding? Failing? SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN? Tell me. 
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Crashing this soul party

"It's, like, Lumpy Space Princess. Duh! Leave a message or something. And make it good!"

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Player Information

Name: Thleen
Age: 20
AIM SN: disco newsie
email: disconewsie@gmail.com
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yup! This one, in fact.
Currrently Played Characters: Jack Kelly, Merlin
Conditional: Activity Check Link: Here!
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: Here!

Character Information

Canon Source: Adventure Time!
Canon Format: Television Show
Character's Name: Lumpy Space Princess
Character's Age: 15

What form will your character's NV take? A sleek, slim, purple cell phone.

Character's Canon Abilities: She can fly, first off. Not huge distances, and not super-high, but she can most certainly fly (point in fact, this is how she travels; she can walk, but she much prefers to float from place to place). She can also turn people into Lumpy Space People by biting them (rather like werewolves do), but this isn't something she does often.
Weapons: None!

Character History: Since Adventure Time doesn't have so much of an overarching plot as episode-to-episode mini plots, LSP doesn't have much of a history. Her biggest character arch was when she moved out of her parent's house (in "To Cut A Woman's Hair"). In the episode "The Monster", she told a story about how she had lived with wolves, was forced out of the pack, and began stealing from a local village in order not to starve. Since that episode, she's returned to Lumpy Space to live with her parents.

However, the episodes she's most highly featured in are linked here, with detailed plot summaries.

Point in Canon: Directly after "From Bad To Worse", when she's returned to living with her parents. She's just helped the kingdom return to normal, and now she'll be transported into SP.

Character Personality: LSP is, essentially, a bratty teenage girl. She sulks when she doesn't get her way, she's obsessed with boys and going on dates and looking pretty, she gossips about all her friends, she's fairly thoughtlessly selfish, and the most conflict she ever has revolves around petty fights with her parents.

She's both very vain and very insecure about her appearance. In two separate episodes ("Loyalty To The King" and "His Hero") she shapes her body to try and get it to be "hot", wanting to impress others instead of loving herself for who she is. She even goes so far as to try and punch out the lumps on her body, making herself round and smooth, just to impress a new king and try and make him love her (it doesn't work).

LSP isn't particularly intelligent. One episode ("It Came From The Nightosphere") has her incredibly upset because Hot Dog Princess had been invited to a party without her; in reality, the "party" was an evil vampire sucking up people's souls. Undeterred, LSP joined in, having her soul sucked up just so she could be part of the crowd. Another episode, "From Bad To Worse", has her jumping into a crowd of zombies just so she could drink a bit of potion and get plumper-- and thus more attractive-- lips. However, it's not so much a lack of intelligence as a lack of paying attention-- she doesn't think her actions through, instead only thinking of the immediate reward.

Because of this lack of attention, she can also be unintentionally hurtful, but LSP is never deliberately cruel or malicious. In the episode "The Monster", it was revealed she was the reason a local village was starving, as she was the one eating all their food-- but she had no real idea of the implications of what she was doing. She was simply hungry and feeding herself. It was a selfish, thoughtless action, but not a malicious one; as soon as it was pointed out what she was doing was hurting others badly, she made amends and left the village alone.

She can even be quite kind to her friends. One episode ("Trouble In Lumpy Space") revolves around her doing her best to help Finn and Jake when the latter is accidentally infected with the Lumps. She isn't precisely the *best* at aiding them, but her heart was in the right place.

Character Plans: Honestly, I'd love for her to get up in everyone's business. She'll be SP's resident shipper, the one that gossips and tries to match people up and general is a nusience.

Appearance/PB: Here!

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[The audio feed begins with a rather obnoxious voice whispering into the microphone.]

Oh my glob. Oh my glob. You guys can't, like, tell them I told you, but I totally saw Ahiru give Joe some kind of necklace-pendant thing. I couldn't, like, see what it was, because I was, like, looking from down the street, but I totally think it's some kind of love confession. Because she totally, like, has the hots for him. It's so lumpin' obvious.

But don't tell anyone I told you!

Third Person Sample

Lumpy Space Princess gave a huffy sort of sigh as she drifted through the Underground Mall. This stupid place was definitely the worst thing about living on this lumping island-- and there were a lot of worst things. The monsters, those were just awful; how was she supposed to go dance at all the hot clubs and show off her sexy body with monsters running around at night? And the people here-- well. Admittedly they weren't all bad-- some were lumping hot-- but some of them were just mean. LSP knew they were just jealous of her, but still, some of the things they said were quite hurtful (or would be, if she cared about them and their stupid opinions, which she didn't). And they all of them, hot and mean and nice and ugly, were all so lumping weird. Not a single one of them was a candy person; rather, they were all human, just like Finn. LSP had never had anything against Finn-- point in fact, she quite liked him-- but an entire island of Finns was a bit too much for her. She wanted some normalcy, some Marshmallow kids or a donut doctor or anything, so long as it wasn't pink and round and fleshy.

And none of these people-- not a single one-- compared to Melissa. Much as she loathed to admit it, LSP was staring to desperately miss her best friend. There was no one here to gossip to, no one that quite understood her as well as Melissa had. They all simply laughed or yelled at her, telling her there were more important things than gossip. Well, of course there were, but that didn't mean they couldn't gossip a little, right? Of course right. Melissa had understood that.

But beyond that, beyond the loneliness and hatred of monsters and lack of normal people, LSP hated the Mall. Shopping had always been her passion, her release, her hobby-- and now this stupid island had taken that from her too. Not a single lumping store in this place (and she knew, for she had visited them all) had clothes in her size. They were all built oddly, built for human women.

"This is so lumpin' unfair!" she said loudly, floating out of the last store in the Mall. Sniveling a little, she flopped down on a nearby bench, ignoring the few stares she was getting. "What have I ever done to deserve this!"


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